Charles Samuel ("Sam") Jackson established the Oregon Journal as a daily newspaper in Portland, Oregon in 1902. Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Jackson and the Oregon Journal played significant roles in Oregon history between 1902 and the end of the Oregon Journal in 1982.
Mrs. Maria C. Jackson took an active interest in the Journal, especially in its employees. She supported many charities, promoted Oregon's dairy industry and urged the use of the Battleship Oregon as a marine museum in the Portland harbor. In 1942, she was the major force in organizing and maintaining the George White Service Center for World War II service men and women. In 1944, she was honored as Portland's First Citizen by the Portland Realty Board.
Mrs. Jackson created The Jackson Foundation to assure that a substantial part of the Jackson estate would continue after her death to promote the health and welfare of the citizens of Oregon, with special emphasis on the Portland metropolitan area.