Grant Rules and Deadlines

Thank you for your interest in the Jackson Foundation which is administered by the Charitable Services Group of U.S. Bank. The Jackson Foundation is a broad purpose charitable fund that responds to requests deemed most appropriate to "promote the welfare of the public of the City of Portland or the State of Oregon, or both."

Foundation Considerations

The Foundation considers projects located outside the Portland metropolitan area only if the project is of statewide appeal, rather than of local concern. The Foundation does not make grants to individuals or private businesses. In addition, the Trustees generally will not make more than one grant to an organization during a twelve month period and generally will not make a grant to a K-12 school.

Please do not contact us by phone. Notification of approval or disapproval of your request will be by letter approximately two–three weeks after the meeting date. If your application is received after the deadline, it will be considered at the next meeting of the trustees.

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Application Deadlines

Application deadlines are the last day of the calendar quarter.

March 31
June 30
September 30
December 31

Application Statistics

The following statistics are based on a 12 month grant cycle beginning January 2001.

Average Amount Grant Rewarded: $ 3,370
Largest Grant Awarded: 50,000
Smallest Grant Awarded: 1,000